About Pet Sitting

Pet sitters do much more than just provide your pet with food and water while you are away from home. A good pet sitter will also dedicate much needed quality time to your pet, provide exercise, and warn you of any veterinary attention your pet may need. Furthermore, at not extra charge, Little Whiskers pet sitters provide other services such as bringing in the mail and newspaper, watering plants, turning lights on and off, adjusting the air conditioning thermostat, and provide the “we are home” look that will discourage would-be trespassers.

Why hire a pet sitter?

When you are away from home —at work or travel— and don’t want to leave you pet in a boarding kennel, who takes care of you pet? If you are like many pet owners, you probably ask a friend or neighbor to pet sit. But is that the best option for your pet? Does your friend have the proper pet care experience? Is he or she able to visit your home at any time during the day and maintain the same routine your pet is accustomed to? These are just some of the questions you may need to ask yourself in evaluating what is best for you, and your pet. If you answered NO to any of these questions, consider hiring a pet sitter—a professional, qualified individual that can take care of your pet while providing other convenient services.

Why is it a good idea?

Your pet gets:

  • The environment he or she is accustomed to
  • The same diet and routine
  • Relief from traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar place with other animals
  • Attention while you are away

You get:

  • Happier friends and neighbors who aren’t burdened by taking care of your pet
  • PEACE OF MIND that comes from knowing that your pet is cared for by a professional
  • Someone that will give your home a lived-in appearance
  • Someone that will relieve you of the task of taking your pet to and from the kennel
  • Other services provided by a pet sitter such as watering plants, getting your mail, and running local errands.
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